[HOT] TM2 Feedback for contributors

David Schmitt david at black.co.at
Wed Sep 3 20:04:29 UTC 2014


a "thing" I've noticed that often squares are locked and seemingly 
finished and then unlocked instead of marked as finished. If that is 
really as widespread as I get the feeling it is, maybe the "unlock" 
button could be replaced/augmented by a "ask an experienced mapper to 
review my changes" button. Or detect when someone goes on 
locking/unlocking squares without ever finishing them.

Speaking of the TM2: it seems to me that validating a square is never 
handed out when requesting a random task. This could be changed to 
increase the validation rate, by asking people with more finished 
squares[1] to validate some before going on.

Regards, David

[1] which, coincidentally is also a gamification of sorts to use the 
number of finished ((and?) validated?) squares as a proxy for experience 
and unlock more "features" for higher "ranked" people.

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