[HOT] Training or Coaching Task / Project within TM?

David Schmitt david at black.co.at
Tue Sep 9 16:35:20 UTC 2014


an interpretation guide for people foreign to the african landscape 
would be very interesting to me. And I say that after already having 
mapped quite a bit there.

Regards, David

On 2014-09-09 17:58, Nick Allen wrote:
> Charlotte,
>  Thanks for your thoughts on this. I am passing them on & will try to
> act on them myself - I Know that at least one person is keen to 
> create
> a satellite imagery interpretation guide, which should help.
>  Regards
>  Nick
>  (Tallguy)
>  On 09/09/14 16:53, Charlotte Wolter wrote:
>> Nick,
>>         I am not technically a "new" mapper, having
>> workedon several HOT projects before, But, in a sense, most of us
>> are new mappers because the terrain is new as is the cultural
>> background on what we see. When I mapped the Colorado fires, I knew
>> the typical configurations of roads in the suburbs I was mapping.
>> That is not true for Liberia or Sierra Leone.
>>         You have highlighted nicely most of the challenges
>> I have encountered while doing this mapping, and I have some
>> suggestions to go along with yours.
>>         --The size of the squares--They need to be smaller.
>> Where there are many scattered farms but few towns, there is no way
>> I can complete the square in two hours. Worse, it is difficult to
>> keep track of where I am because I have to zoom in to be sure that
>> what I am seeing is, indeed, a house. If the square were smaller, I
>> could complete it, and I wouldn't become so disorieted when I zoom
>> in.
>>         --We need some geographical background on the area,
>> such as examples of what we might see. For example, one validator
>> corrected an area that I had, somewhat dubiously, marked as
>> "residential." He said it was, in fact, surface mining. If I had
>> known that there might be surface mining (blood diamonds?), then I
>> would have looked more critically at the bare area with what seemed
>> to be squares.
>>         I think those changes would not require much effort
>> from the HOT people. I don't want to burden them. I would, however,
>> like to reduce my frustration while working on this effort.
>>         I like your suggestion about small trial squares.
>> It's a good training system, but I also think some background on the
>> geography we are looking at would be helpful.
>> Best,
>> Charlotte Wolter
>> At 06:58 AM 9/9/2014, you wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I think there is a gap between the training available from the
>>> various sources such as LearnOSM & someone reaching the stage of
>>> feeling confident to map for HOT. Although we tend to think of new
>>> mappers with no experience at all, it also extends to mappers who
>>> are used to mapping their 'own back yard' but are concerned they
>>> may not interpret the aerial imagery correctly when mapping for
>>> HOT.
>>> I have seen several messages appear on the HOT mailing list where
>>> a 'new to HOT' mapper has asked where to start. I've also been
>>> contacted by a number of mappers asking me to check / validate
>>> their first squares in HOT. Having been involved in training new
>>> mappers at mapathons I have noticed they are unlikely to finish
>>> the current size of squares within 2 hours & they are also
>>> interested in receiving feedback on their progress. Recent
>>> discussion on this mailing list indicates many mappers are
>>> interested in feedback, especially in the early stages.
>>> As a test to see how successful it would be, I'm interested in
>>> having a project / Task which is marked up as suitable for new
>>> mappers. The squares should be much smaller in size, such that we
>>> anticipate the new mapper can complete a square within 15 to 20
>>> minutes. In the perfect world that square would then be looked at
>>> fairly soon by a validator who makes suggestions if they are
>>> needed. After completing a few of these squares the new mapper
>>> should have the confidence to move onto any of the other general
>>> tasks. As an aside, this need not be a 'new task' - it could just
>>> as easily be a 'high' which has dropped down the list, but it
>>> would need adapting with additional instructions, and exisitng
>>> squares awaiting validation being validated & the outstanding
>>> squares being split far smaller than normal. It would need to be
>>> advertised so that new mappers find it - highlighted link from the
>>> home page of the Tasking Manager?
>>> I'm willing to validate & offer feedback on such a project /
>>> task, but ideally several other validators need to be involved.
>>> There are also times when I am not available.
>>> These views are my own - it would be good to get the opinions of;
>>> a/. New to HOT mappers (we all were once, so everyone's view
>>> appreciated) - would it have helped with the transition, and
>>> b/. potential validators for such a project / task. - if there
>>> were a few squares waiting validation (potentially a new mapper
>>> waiting for a progress report before continuing), would you be
>>> willing to help with the validation. Because the squares are
>>> smaller there will be problems with working out highway grades,
>>> and an overview approach viewing several squares on occasion would
>>> be needed.
>>> I'm intending to present this topic at a Training working group,
>>> but would like the views of other mappers.
>>> --
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