[HOT] Training or Coaching Task / Project within TM?

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I wonder if a kind of FAQ about aerial imagery interpretation wouldn't 
be something useful too.
Mapping in Africa (not that often) on HOT tasks, I was faced more than 
often with features in the imagery that I couldn't understand.

That being said, taking a screen-shot then upload it on a wiki is not 
likely something to happen often while mapping without a more or less 
automatic tool to do it.

On 09.09.2014 15:58, Nick Allen wrote:
> Hi,
> I think there is a gap between the training available from the various 
> sources such as LearnOSM & someone reaching the stage of feeling 
> confident to map for HOT. Although we tend to think of new mappers 
> with no experience at all, it also extends to mappers who are used to 
> mapping their 'own back yard' but are concerned they may not interpret 
> the aerial imagery correctly when mapping for HOT.
> I have seen several messages appear on the HOT mailing list where a 
> 'new to HOT' mapper has asked where to start. I've also been contacted 
> by a number of mappers asking me to check / validate their first 
> squares in HOT. Having been involved in training new mappers at 
> mapathons I have noticed they are unlikely to finish the current size 
> of squares within 2 hours & they are also interested in receiving 
> feedback on their progress. Recent discussion on this mailing list 
> indicates many mappers are interested in feedback, especially in the 
> early stages.
> As a test to see how successful it would be, I'm interested in having 
> a project / Task which is marked up as suitable for new mappers. The 
> squares should be much smaller in size, such that we anticipate the 
> new mapper can complete a square within 15 to 20 minutes. In the 
> perfect world that square would then be looked at fairly soon by a 
> validator who makes suggestions if they are needed. After completing a 
> few of these squares the new mapper should have the confidence to move 
> onto any of the other general tasks. As an aside, this need not be a 
> 'new task' - it could just as easily be a 'high' which has dropped 
> down the list, but it would need adapting with additional 
> instructions, and exisitng squares awaiting validation being validated 
> & the outstanding squares being split far smaller than normal. It 
> would need to be advertised so that new mappers find it - highlighted 
> link from the home page of the Tasking Manager?
> I'm willing to validate & offer feedback on such a project / task, but 
> ideally several other validators need to be involved. There are also 
> times when I am not available.
> These views are my own - it would be good to get the opinions of;
> a/. New to HOT mappers (we all were once, so everyone's view 
> appreciated) - would it have helped with the transition, and
> b/. potential validators for such a project / task. - if there were a 
> few squares waiting validation (potentially a new mapper waiting for a 
> progress report before continuing), would you be willing to help with 
> the validation. Because the squares are smaller there will be problems 
> with working out highway grades, and an overview approach viewing 
> several squares on occasion would be needed.
> I'm intending to present this topic at a Training working group, but 
> would like the views of other mappers.
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