[HOT] Training or Coaching Task / Project within TM?

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Yes Yves,

this would be helpful. 

Like Blake did with the GNS imports, the best is to segment the documentation in short subjects, one page for each. This could be done either on the wiki or by adding a LearnOsm section Mapping in Africa context ?

This way the table of contents of such tutorials could be integrated easily in any Activation wiki page. And the Task Manager Instructions could link to particular subjects, for example :
- highways - some examples + link to the wiki page for Highway Tag Africa + possibly LearnOsm

- buildings - orthogonalize, etc

- Imagery interpretation with various image quality

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I wonder if a kind of FAQ about aerial imagery interpretation
      wouldn't be something useful too.
Mapping in Africa (not that often) on HOT tasks, I was faced more
      than often with features in the imagery that I couldn't

That being said, taking a screen-shot then upload it on a wiki is
      not likely something to happen often while mapping without a more
      or less automatic tool to do it.

On 09.09.2014 15:58, Nick Allen wrote:


I think there is a gap between the training available from the
      various sources such as LearnOSM & someone reaching the stage
      of feeling confident to map for HOT. Although we tend to think of
      new mappers with no experience at all, it also extends to mappers
      who are used to mapping their 'own back yard' but are concerned
      they may not interpret the aerial imagery correctly when mapping
      for HOT. 

I have seen several messages appear on the HOT mailing list where
      a 'new to HOT' mapper has asked where to start. I've also been
      contacted by a number of mappers asking me to check / validate
      their first squares in HOT. Having been involved in training new
      mappers at mapathons I have noticed they are unlikely to finish
      the current size of squares within 2 hours & they are also
      interested in receiving feedback on their progress. Recent
      discussion on this mailing list indicates many mappers are
      interested in feedback, especially in the early stages.

As a test to see how successful it would be, I'm interested in
      having a project / Task which is marked up as suitable for new
      mappers. The squares should be much smaller in size, such that we
      anticipate the new mapper can complete a square within 15 to 20
      minutes. In the perfect world that square would then be looked at
      fairly soon by a validator who makes suggestions if they are
      needed. After completing a few of these squares the new mapper
      should have the confidence to move onto any of the other general
      tasks. As an aside, this need not be a 'new task' - it could just
      as easily be a 'high' which has dropped down the list, but it
      would need adapting with additional instructions, and exisitng
      squares awaiting validation being validated & the outstanding
      squares being split far smaller than normal. It would need to be
      advertised so that new mappers find it - highlighted link from the
      home page of the Tasking Manager?

I'm willing to validate & offer feedback on such a project /
      task, but ideally several other validators need to be involved.
      There are also times when I am not available.

These views are my own - it would be good to get the opinions of;

a/. New to HOT mappers (we all were once, so everyone's view
      appreciated) - would it have helped with the transition, and
b/. potential validators for such a project / task. - if there
      were a few squares waiting validation (potentially a new mapper
      waiting for a progress report before continuing), would you be
      willing to help with the validation. Because the squares are
      smaller there will be problems with working out highway grades,
      and an overview approach viewing several squares on occasion would
      be needed.

I'm intending to present this topic at a Training working group,
      but would like the views of other mappers.


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