[HOT] Experienced import person needed for import from UNMIL

Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 16:04:51 UTC 2014

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Hi, Andrew:

I wouldn't mind to take this import job, as I have already experience
with similar (and other) imports in Nigeria.

I agree that it should be done manually, with a HOT Tasking Manager job.

Several questions before I start to prepare the import wiki and
contact the imports list:

1) We usually (at least for UNICEF import in CAR and eHealth in North
Nigeria) add the optional mapping of access highways to all places
imported, using the regular OSM username. Shall we put this in the
workflow, or we just import the nodes only? In case we add that
optional mapping of roads, the import will take much longer, so the
decision should be based on the urgency of the import.

2) The dataset contains 10 fields:

a) ADMINLVL -> Don't know what it is.
b) CLNAME -> Looks to be the clan name. I would add it as
addr:municipality tag
c) CNAME -> It seems to be the county name. All counties are already
in OSM, so I would ignore this field.
d) DNAME -> It seems to be the district name. All districts seem to be
in OSM. If that is the case, we would ignore this field too.
e) FNAME -> It's exactly the same as NAME_WS for the 14,020 nodes
f) LOC_TEMP_C -> Don't know what it is.
g) NAME_WS -> See e)
h) OBJECTID -> Should we ignore it?
i) X_UTM -> Ignore it
j) Y_UTM -> Ignore it

I need to know what a) and f) are. Any contact to ask?

3) GNS names differ, sometimes very much, from these UNMIL ones. Shall
we consider the UNMIL more reliable than the GNS counterparts? If so,
we would need to explain it in the imports list. My suggestion would
be to place the GNS names as alt_name

I would add source=UN Mission In Liberia or source=UNMIL to all nodes
and the changeset.

The shapefile creation date is 22 Sept 2011, but not sure if that is
the date of the source itself. It's not so important. It would be just
to add the source:date tag to the changeset tags.

By the way: Fields c) and d) could be used, for another job, to
correct the districts and counties boundaries, and field b) could be
used to create the municipalities boundaries...

I am now in the Philippines, and it's late (UTC+8), so I will answer
this thread tomorrow morning.



On 12/09/14 22:42, Andrew Buck wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> A few days ago we sent a request to UNMIL (The UN Mission In 
> Liberia) for permission to import a large dataset of 11,000 place 
> names for Liberia into OSM.  This morning I received a response 
> from that request and it looks like we will be able to (response 
> included below with some phone numbers and addresses left off).
> Unfortunately I am out of the house until next week sometime, and
> I have never directed an import myself so I am looking for someone 
> from the HOT community who has experience dealing with the imports 
> mailing list and process to lead the effort to get this import 
> approved.
> The dataset is hosted online at the following address:
> https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/operations/liberia/dataset/liberia-settlements-villages-towns-cities-0
The data looks to be of very good quality, with the town names
> located very close to the towns they represent.  There are already 
> a lot of town names in OSM from the GNS work we have done
> recently, so merging them will need to be a manual process.  I am
> suggesting using the task manager for this like was done for the
> EHealth Nigeria data and the GNS work in Liberia.
> Thank you to whomever takes this on, I know getting an import 
> approved can be quite a process, but this data will be very useful 
> for fighting the ebola outbreak in this area.  Our dataset of
> place names is being used by the medical teams responding to the
> area, so the more we can improve this data the better it is for
> them.  See the end of this message below my signature for the
> license agreement.
> -AndrewBuck
> Here is the response we got back regarding the agreement:
> Dear Ayako,
> Please be informed that UNMIL is in agreement with sharing and use 
> of our populated places dataset with OSM community.
> Data usage terms are as follows: * * *Terms of Use (UNMIL-GIS 
> Populated Places Dataset) * UNMIL GIS Unit is willing to share 
> geographic datasets on populated places in Liberia upon the 
> following data usage terms:
> *Warranty* The dataset is made available on an "as is" condition 
> with no representation or guarantee made concerning the accuracy, 
> currency, or completeness of the information provided. The 
> depiction and use of place names and related information in this 
> dataset may include inaccuracies or errors and therefore it does 
> not necessarily imply official endorsement or acceptance by the 
> United Nations and UNMIL as its entity.
> *Condition of Use* You are free to access, use, distribute and 
> adapt our data as user, as long as you provide attribution or 
> credit to UNMIL
> With regards, 
> ---------------------------------------------------------- * 
> Stephen Wafula* GIS Unit/JLOC Section United Nations Mission in 
> Liberia (UNMIL)
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