[HOT] Conference at GeONG, Chambery, France, OpenStreetMap Response to West Africa Ebola Outbreak

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Wed Sep 24 14:32:57 UTC 2014

Hi all,
I forward you an email posted on HOT francophone mailing list, mostly
translated by googletranslate, in answer to Pierre last email :

Thank you very much Pierre for this assessment!

More information:
We were several francophone hotties at Geong forum with Pierre: Fred Moine,
Jean-Guilhem, Jorieke Vyncke, Nicolas Chavent, Pierre Giraud and myself. We
were able to take many lines of discussions with the actors mentioned by Pierre
and participate/animate the various roundtables and workshops, including
the workshop about exporting OSM data (via HOT Exports and Overpass) where
Nicolas, Jean Guilhem and Pierre Giraud were particularly active with Pierre

Jorieke presented her work in Lubumbashi and Fred (+Jean-Guilhem and
Aurelien from CartONG and Andreas) has presented the workflow around the
production of aerial imagery in Haiti using drone. Jean-Guilhem presented
more specifically the process to make avaible the imagery for mapping in
Top if we can get links to your various presentations and Jean, the link to
view the satellite image on the gray river in a web browser.
Good day to all,


2014-09-24 13:58 GMT+02:00 Pierre Béland <pierzenh at yahoo.fr>:

> I had the opportunity monday and tuesday to meet the humanitaran
> organizations participating *the 4th Forum of Geographic Information for
> Relief and Development *hosted by CartONG.in Chambery, France.
> This was an opportunity to make the point with many of them and more
> particularly the various partners for the Ebola Activation, the
> organizations that we are supporting such as MSF and Red Cross, the UN
> Agencies and the many ready to go to West Africa.
> I assisted to various conferences and also made a presentation of the OSM
> Response. I have also animated an OSM workshop.   It was quite pleasant
> and motivating to see this reception from these various operational
> humanitarians, how they know about OpenStretMap and understand how
> important it is to develop an ecosystem with humanitarians.
> OpenData is an issue that I presented. We have a good support from the
> Satellite imagery providers. It is also essential to  obtain administrative
> limits and various geolocated infrastructures and place names. Disasters
> Preparedness programs should integrate developping in the various countries
> at risk OpenData for administrative limits, place names and vital
> infrastructures for an efficient humanitarian response.
> Also, the mobile devices should be the next step to develop this ecosystem
> with the humanitarians and have the field teams participate more to
> OpenStreetMap.  The various Tablet Applications based on ODK offer a great
> potential if an OpenStreetMap geolocation functionality is integrated in
> these. A good challenge for this OSM community and humanitarian
> organizations to better exchange data and even better respond to such
> crisis.
> My presentation can be viewed at
> http://fr.slideshare.net/pierzen/open-streetmap-responsetohaiyanebolacrisisgeong20140923
> Pierre
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