[HOT] Ebola Mapping Project

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 22:24:14 UTC 2014


> And I have another couple of questions now: Part of the instructions for
> this task (#660) state,
>     /Compare Mapbox and Bing Imagery for the square you map and decide
>     which one is clearer for this zone./
> ... but I can't find a button in the editor for switching maps. How do I
> do that?

On the right hand side the icon that looks like stacked pieces of paper, 
mousing over it says "background settings" will let you switch the 
imagery you are drawing over.

You might notice that depending on which imagery you use, it looks like 
some buildings are clearly drawn out of alignment with the image.

That is what people are talking about when they say something about 
"alignment". It means the buildings or road were drawn with one set of 
imagery that is aligned slightly differently than the imagery you are 
looking at.

You can adjust the alignment of the imagery in that same "background" 
settings panel at the bottom where it says "fix alignment" and then you 
drive the background image around with the arrow keys.

Aligning the imagery only affects how it displays for you and you will 
have to re-align it the next time as it get reset for you when you close 
and open the iD editor.

Generally you will always align the imagery to what is already drawn and 
Bing imagery is considered the gold standard for properly aligned 
imagery, you will almost never have to align Bing imagery.

> The instructions further say,
>     /Indicate appropriate source on your changeset. The Mapbox imagery
>     is opened automatically with this Task and it is possible to zoom at
>     lower zooms./
>     /
>     /
> First, what's a changeset? Does that just mean there's a tag entry box
> into which I type the map source? If so, I can't find it.

A changeset is a collection of edits you make to the map. It can have as 
many or as few things as you want, 1 building or 100 buildings, it is 
just the label openstreetmap uses to identify one group of changes, even 
if that group is only 1 thing. I save pretty often so my changesets only 
have a few things per changeset.

Once you get past the warnings so you don't have any any more you will 
get a box to fill in with the comments the task says you should put on 
all the mapping you do for that task.

Also, Bing
> imagery, not Mapbox, was opened automatically with i-Edit, so do these
> instructions assume the use of one of the other editors? (I'd really
> like to stick with i-Edit, if I can, as one of them-- JOSM?-- requires
> installing Java, which I'd like to avoid doing, and Potlatch looked far
> more complex than i-Edit.)

You can use i-edit, which we call the iD editor, or just id or iD for short.

Let us know any and all other questions you have, getting started is a 
bit fiddly but once you get past some of the non-intuitive parts it goes 
pretty easy. If you have a question, you can bet at least 2 other people 
do too, but they don't ask, so you help us all out by asking :)


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