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Andrew Buck andrew.r.buck at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 22:36:51 UTC 2015

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Hi Ethan,

HOT doesn't really have any formal monitoring that we do per-se,
although there is a lot of informal monitoring simply because we are
many people who all follow the news and current events to some degree.
 So generally anything we might be interested in tends to get noticed
by someone fairly quickly.

I myself have an RSS feed that is the combined output of the USGS
earthquake feed, plus the BBC news feed filtered to only show things
with keywords like 'flood', 'hurricane', 'militants', etc.  I had
meant to make the feed more complete but I kind of ran out of ideas
for what else to add.

Generally for most things the news (at least early reports) is quick
enough for us to get started; more monitoring might be nice, but we
are pretty quick anyway so it is hard to improve much.

- -AndrewBuck

On 04/21/2015 01:21 PM, Ethan Nelson wrote:
> Hi HOT list,
> I've talked to a few people about this but I am interested in
> getting responses from a broader audience. Many of the HOT
> activations in the past have been the result of weather events:
> typhoons and hurricanes, flooding, and droughts.
> Thus, I am reaching out to get a feel for how information is
> gathered about current and future weather by activation managers
> and the other powers-that-be. Is it generally through news
> agencies, like when a potential threat reaches the critical mass to
> have coverage devoted to it? Are their briefings or notifications
> occurring from partner agencies? Does someone perform surveillance
> of regions on a daily/weekly basis from personal online searches or
> from weather agencies?
> I've been on the activating-to-map side of HOT for a while in my
> spare time. But, professionally, I work with weather data and
> models daily...it's what I research and study. I recently started
> thinking about a "HOT weather briefing site" that compiles
> information and images for the short and long term about the
> atmospheric state. This would be a one stop shop reference site
> that activation managers, or anyone really, could consult to become
> aware of the weather situation globally.
> Is this worth pursuing or does it duplicate efforts already
> present? I would appreciate your thoughts regarding both sets of
> questions, either on or off list.
> Best,
> Ethan aka FTA 
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