[HOT] HOT board Minutes - April 2015

Jorieke Vyncke jorieke.vyncke at hotosm.org
Thu Apr 23 09:10:59 UTC 2015

Dear all,

Last Friday we held the first board meeting with the brand new board of HOT!

Despite our spreading around the world and it's linked connection problems,
Jaakko, Severin, Nama, Heather, Blake and me, found time and place to meet
and discuss.

The most important things we discussed on this first board meeting:

*The different roles in the Board: *
Conclusion: Heather will be president, Blake vice-President, Jaakko
treasurer and Jorieke secretary.

*The interim Executive Director Selection: *
Conclusion: We discussed broadly the two top-candidates we (the board)
interviewed and decided to offer the position to one of the candidates.

*The election of the 7th board member: *
Conclusion: Because only six candidates reached majority vote in election
of the Annual Meeting, we still need to fill in the 7th seat. The board
decided to proceed with the filling of the 7th seat on the board as a
normal board vacancy as defined by the bylaws.

More information on all this you can find in* the full meeting minutes *here:

Your comments, thoughts, questions and ideas are always welcome!

Best greetings,

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