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Thanks everyone. Pierre, your story about new people improving is great. I
know many of us started during an emergency.

For our dear friend and fellow mapper, Ralph. Thank you. I know I was firm
last night, but waking this morning (Doha) I really think you are right
that we need to improve new mapper onboarding during emergencies. So, I
started another email chain about training help.

Step by step,


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On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 2:37 AM, Pierre Béland <pierzenh at yahoo.fr> wrote:

> Andrew
> This remembers such experiences for the Ebola outbreak. With a long
> Activation, we saw contributors that did improve rapidly and did a great
> job. They were in the top list of contributors.
> This is social gathering, and we have to take care to accompany well the
> new contributors.
> I did make some comments over the last year about improvements to make to
> our monitoring tools. We should surely continue to look at this and assure
> we have the possibility to both keep our reactivity and produce quality
> mapping.
> regard
> Pierre
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> I understand the frustration.  Some times the newbies do very bad, but
> some produce very good data as well.  One thing that we can also do is
> load large sections of the country in JOSM with the 'mirrored
> download' plugin.  You can then scan over a large area and just check
> the roads for major problems like you mention.  Even just a few people
> doing this every now and then makes a huge difference.
> Remember, the tasking manager is not the only way we have to map.
> Experienced people can work on their own, as long as they are mindful
> of what they are doing and try a bit to avoid causing conflicts for
> other mappers.
> - -AndrewBuck
> On 04/27/2015 10:25 AM, AYTOUN RALPH wrote:
> > If I don't scream I will end up tearing my hair out. We need to
> > change what we are doing and who we are letting in to do it. These
> > Activations in response to a disaster means that people's lives
> > are at stake here. I am finding totally inexperienced mappers (some
> > with no completed tiles and others with only one or two completed
> > tiles) messing around with validating tiles or unlocking already
> > validated tiles and working on them. I have a screen shot of Nepal
> > #944 showing 5 validated tiles are actively locked. When I checked
> > on the people that were doing this they were complete beginners. I
> > have had one of the tiles I had completed opened by one of these
> > beginners and started adding short little sections of disconnected
> > roads (The instructions specifically ask us not to add these) then
> > validating this tile, then invalidating it again. While I am all in
> > favour of getting new mappers up and going this should only be done
> > on the Missing Maps project and not on HOT Activations. It is
> > extremely important that we get it right as quickly as possible for
> > those people out in the field with injured and dead all around them
> > and lives at stake for us to be rechecking already validated tiles
> > because we can no longer trust them to be correct or near to
> > correct. We have already had complaints about poor quality work in
> > the past and this type of activity is not going to get us any
> > better credibility. We really need to rethink the "open to all"
> > policy for HOT Activations. I am now looking at #944 which shows
> > 63% Validated right now and there is two more Validated tiles that
> > are actively locked. I no longer trust the Green marked tiles as
> > being checked and cleared. I know that the majority of what we are
> > producing will be of some assistance in the hills of Nepal but can
> > also imagine the frustration of those people with some of the
> > nonsense I have managed to clean up while validating. OK. Rant
> > over. I will be sending out messages to all the new mappers I have
> > identified asking them to only work on the white tiles and not to
> > open any of the orange or green ones until they have a lot more
> > experience. Sorry to have interrupted you in the middle of this
> > crisis but felt that this needed to be said. Ralph (RAytoun)
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