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Sorry forma wrong forwarding, this proposal was for community consideration
Il 30/apr/2015 12:15, "Laura Camellini" <jeeltcraft at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> Hi all, sorry for not quoting, just telling you my proposal, i followed
> the events of these days with growing concerning and would like to help you
> in managing this situation with my few tech skills.
> Moodle badge's system connected with course completion was built to be
> shareable, the only thing that nerds to be zone is to connect the badge of
> a BASIC mapping course with the tasking manager editing permissions.
> Then alla the people that want to edit the tasking manager maps attributes
> need to have finished the cpurse with the basic notions to be able not to
> mess around with tiles.
> Just my two cents, i really nave few time to work on it bit if you get the
> basic course done i'll enable course completion and badgrs on moodle and
> try to synch it with task manager permissione (only with the help of a dev)
> during my sleeptime :)
> Best wishes,
> LauraC
> Il 29/apr/2015 14:45, "Jonathan Webb" <jonathan at jwebbgis.co.uk> ha
> scritto:
>>  I am one of the newcomers. I am not a GIS scientist & learnt on the job
>> and am relatively lightweight, however I know that I am perfectly capable
>> of making a contribution but the (HOT)OSM process is not clear:
>> As is mentioned in several previous posts*, there is a lack of guidance
>> and aims.
>> I have spent most of this morning not contributing because I have been
>> trying to find out what to do & how to do it.  I am not stupid and if I
>> have missed a link to instructions, then  how many other (willing to learn)
>> people have?  As part of the strategy to maintain quality, surely the
>> signposts to learning should be given great prominence & be unmissable?
>> Are the aims of disaster mapping different to those of other mapping ?
>> In an non-emergency one can spend some time trying to work out what a
>> feature's properties are.  Also, for example, how to interpret from poor
>> imagery say a path or track is it suitable for vehicles etc, or whether to
>> even include it.
>> Jonathan Webb
>> *
>> >* As a lot of people get to know HOT/OSM for the first time during
>> *>* disasters, it might be also helpful if we can draft an HOT FAQ (I actually
>> *>* couldn't find one, please enlighten me if there's already one) CLKAO*
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