[HOT] Fw: Info on Nepal earthquake for NGOs?

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Hey Sarah,

Not sure if you have seen these already, but here are some links you can
check out:


Here is the most recent update from Maning Sambale, one of the Activation

“~2222 mappers have made 28689 edits to highways and 138191 edits to
buildings in 26582 changesets since April 25, 2015.” [0]

Again, an increase from yesterday! Note that this is a conservative
measure, many experienced mappers do not necessarily follow the
suggested changesets comment which is perfectly OK.

= Retired tasks and new ones =
We are now slowly moving into the second phase of mapping. In the
first days, we focused on just road network.  But now, coming from the
demand on the ground (through KLL), we are starting the detailed
mapping within Kathmandu and other districts heavily affected.

Major task is #1018 [1]. We tried as much as we can to provide
detailed instructions especially for beginners.  Please review and
advise the activators if it needs improvement.

= Validators needed for IDP camp mapping =

The two IDP camps tasks [2 & 3] are now complete, we need more
validators to check the quality.  As soon as new imagery becomes
available we will move on to other areas for IDP mapping.  For now, we
request experienced mappers to review and validate.

= Maximising the utilisation of Post-EQ imagery =

Currently we are using mostly pre-EQ imagery for the basemapping
efforts. IDP mapping uses post-EQ imagery from Pleiades/AirBus. More
post-disaster imagery are trickling in from the ever reliable
DigitalGlobe, Pleiades/AirBus, MapGive and Mapbox. New ones are also
coming from SkyBox [4], Cartosat [5]  and PlanetLabs (pre-EQ archive)
[6].  The activators are reviewing this for later creation of new

= Damaged assessment request =

Again, there is a request from KLL to do damage assessment.  This what
most of the ground responders they talk to are asking.  There is an
on-going discussion on how to best approach this request.  The
concerns are generally on: quality of pre and post-EQ imagery, tagging
standards, tools and, mapper expertise.

Hope this helps! Cheers,

Mhairi O'Hara

On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 11:23 AM, Sarah Johns <SJohns at bond.org.uk> wrote:

> Hello I work with Bond, which is the UK network of NGOs. I've posted some
> info and links about what you are doing on the Nepal earthquake, and
> wondered if you have an additional blog post or something for NGOs to
> encourage them to use the maps, or additionally to encourage volunteers  to
> get involved? I know that here in the UK British Red Cross are working with
> Missing Maps to contribute, and that MapAction is also providing
> information, but it would be useful to have some general guidance for NGOs
> as we have many members who are responding.
> Kind regards,
> Sarah
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