[HOT] World Humanitarian Youth Summit - Doha - photos and stories (Franka Grubisic)

Franka Grubišić grubisicfranka at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 12:52:50 UTC 2015

Hi Heather,

so I bring to you a few short stories followed by photos:

On May 9th, as a part of 11th Conference on Cartography and Geoinformation,
an OpenStreetMap Workshop was being held, for more than 30 students from
local Buzet (Istria, Croatia) Highschool from ages 15 to 18, held by me and
professor from my Faculty, Mr Drazen Tutic. Kids have edited their city,
divided in groups and sent out to different parts of the city, with a map,
some tracing paper and a pen. You can access the photos here:

On May 13th on Faculty of Geodesy at University of Zagreb, Croatia, was
held a one day Fast Forward OSM Workshop - Helping to Map Nepal! under the
initiative of the IT Section of Student Council. The workshop was held by
myself and my dear colleague Drazen Odobasic, for around 20+ students from
3PM until 8PM. Here are some photos: http://postimg.org/image/cci83g3nl/ ,

And last, but not the least, on the 3rd FIG (International Federation of
Surveyors) Young Surveyors Network European Meeting (May 16th) I have held
a presentation about OpenStreetMap and about the importance of Mapping
Response because on May 19th, during the FIG Working Week in the Young
Surveyors Sessions, 2nd FIG Young Surveyors Workshop was held with the
topic: Mapping response - contributions for Nepal. The workshop took place
on 19th May 2015. It gathered 50 surveyors from over 30 countries together
in Sofia, Bulgaria and increased the covered mapping area in our task from
20% up to 32% within 1 hour which is approximately 32km2 - although for
some of the participants it was the first time using OpenStreetMap. More
about the event you can find here:
and photo: http://postimg.org/image/utz57hqqv/

Hope this is helpful!

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