[HOT] What is a hot activation?

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 17:16:23 UTC 2015

Hi Fred,

My responses are in line below.

On 2/18/2015 10:25 AM, Frederic Moine wrote:
> What is ahot activation?
> I saw this slide presentation 16 17 on Gaza.
> I have activate this task this summer during my holiday as an OSM
> contributor. I posted the announcement on OSM lists include HOT.
> I was in direct contact with the shelter cluster responsible for the
> Middle east region, which has requested assistance for the pre buildings.
> Next time it could be somebody from an NGO, cluster or other who make a
> taks on the tasking manager.
> At the end it was not a request from UNOSAT.
> I contacted UNOSAT to know what image they were using (the July 6,
> 2014). I have conducted a damage assessment with them in 2008 over gaza area
> We have digitized all buildings and the product was very useful.
> As said the head of Unosat on the HOT list it was the first time we used
> the exact same image with the same georeferencing. At the end their
> damage assessment point matched perfectly with our building.
> _The pending questions:
> _
> NB: I have no problem for HOT to communicate on GAZA, but still I have
> some pending questions:
> __
> When we know that is an Hot activiation. For gaza it wasn’t an HOT
> activation, as we didn’t decide it.
> It was just an initiative as an OSM and HOT members done in a short
> period of time.

This is a good question, I do not know the exact process for identifying 
and declaring an "official" activation. I think we are formalizing and 
finalizing the process for declaring an "official activation" and 
deciding what that means.

> Who can use this tasking manager : NGO, state, local OSM group, etc....

It is my opinion that anyone who is doing mapping to help with disaster 
relief, prepare for disaster or help with economic development can use 
the official HOT Tasking Manager. But that is only _my opinion_ and we 
try to balance being open to groups running Projects in the official HOT 
Tasking manager and not making too many Projects so the official HOT 
activation and programs get lost to new mappers.

The Tasking Manager software is open source and easy to install, anyone 
can download and install it. We have step-by-step instructions for how 
to get it running on linux and we are available to help anyone get it 
running. We can also provide a "virtual machine" image so you can run it 
on windows or on Amazon AWS instances.


We have also talked about setting up a "public" instance of the Tasking 
Manager software that would be a lot more accessable to groups for 
running humanitarian mapping projects of all sorts and then there would 
be no issue with anyone (within reason) running projects on our "public" 
Tasking Manager server.

I am very much in favor of HOT running a more public Tasking Manager for 
several reasons.

> Of course a real HOT activation can improve the
> communication/mobilization. , but according to the news at that time we
> just digitized as fast as we could.
> And at the same time, it was the second phase of the hot activation for
> Ebola.
> So how many big activation could we handle at the same time?
> Juste few question that I have in mind today : ) sorry to share this
> like that, as I don't have the time to follow all those working groups
> and I apologize for that.
> All the best FredM
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