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Michael HeiƟmeier michael63 at digital-filestore.de
Tue Jan 27 19:56:27 UTC 2015

Hi Cristiano,

let me jump in as the one who (as Nick kindly mentioned) made a couple of the 
recent translations to German.
> Reading the "Contributing.md" page [1] I noticed there are three options for 
> helping with translations,

Just a matter of style, they all end up with the same result, a translated page.

> but I did non find a list of what needs to be translated. Is there a quick way 
> to see what sections need to be translated and have not been claimed by other 
> translators, other than comparing each page with the English version? What if 
> something changes in a page that has already been translated, can we get an 
> visual diff converted to tasks for translators to take care of?

Unfortunately this is currently a big problem. I started with some advanced 
pages as the beginner section had already been translated to German. Then I was 
pointed to the fact that one of the beginner pages is out of sync. So I will 
clean that up in the near future. To my knowledge there is no tool which would 
visualize anything in this respect.

A good starting point would be to find out what changes have been made to a file 
since the last translated version of that file had been committed to the 
repository. This should not be that difficult to obtain automatically - then you 
need to get this into "human readable" form. I do however not know to what 
extent github supports something like this.

> I see there are labels in GitHub [2] [3] that may help with the process, we 
> should probably clarify the workflow of claiming/assigning translation issues, 
> so that work is not accidentally duplicated.

The "awaiting translator" label is only used once, so this is probably not what 
you are looking for. If you look at the "translation" label then we seem to have 
one issue thread per language which I think is not bad - just look for the 
latest activity and you (should) know what is currently being worked on. This is 
a least-effort coordination tool which will work unless there are a lot of 
contributors per language.


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