[HOT] Photo material

Katja Ulbert mail at katja-ulbert.de
Thu Jul 2 14:26:55 UTC 2015

Hi everybody,

I am collecting photo material in good quality for the redesign of 
hotosm.org.  I checked the website itself, twitter and facebook pics, 
but nearly all of them have a low resolution and small size, so I canĀ“t 
"play around" with them. So I need some help here! It can be photos that 
were used on project pages on the site itself, mapathons, HOT summits, 
local HOT groups, whatever comes to your mind and is HOT related. Plus 
short description of where and why they were taken. All photographers 
will be credited and their material will be licensed under Creative Commons.

I also would like to get in touch with Kathmandu Living Labs and HOT 
organizers/contributors from previous activations to ask for photo 
material. Can somebody help me here?



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