[HOT] Collapsible tree visualisation of the OSM stack

Rod Bera rod at goarem.org
Thu Jul 23 16:03:30 UTC 2015

On 23/07/15 16:43, Christophe Rodier wrote:
> Hi Rod,
> Was planning on continuing to use github.
Does the job, surely.
> Haven't use transifex before, not sure the volume of usage would 
> justify using it, and it seems to be fee-based.
I'm not certain transifex charges fees, but you are right: since the 
tree is not that big, and contained in a single file (do I get it 
right?) there's no need to go transifex, really.
> It is updated manually. When there is something new I learn about and 
> I think should be in there or when someone suggest something, I add an 
> entry to the json file, upload that and the tree integrates it 
> automatically. So the only thing that needs to be maintained is the 
> json file.
> I had thought about building something that would go through the osm 
> wiki, parse that, build a json file on the fly so the tree is always 
> automatically up to date and is a "pure" mirror of the wiki but:
> 1) it's beyond my current coding capabilities...
> 2) (and most importantly) I'm not sure that's feasible in a way that 
> wouldn't be confusing. It would render into a tree with hundreds (or 
> more) of nodes which I think would be harder to use and understand.
Right, and the way you do it includes a manual check. This way you would 
more likely find inconsistencies (than a parser or other automated 
process would).
> License is cc-by-sa indeed. Feel free to use it and modify it if you want.
> Feedback, comments, suggestions, critiques and of course contribution 
> are more than welcome.
> Thanks
> Chris

and thank you for your initiative


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