[HOT] Level of user experience to focus on

Milo van der Linden milo at dogodigi.net
Sat Jun 6 09:29:30 UTC 2015

It is my personal opinion that the level of expertise is less important
then the motivation for people to participate and their abbility to adapt.
As an example; What is better, a geospatial expert that is conceited or
even cocky or a new mapper that has a lot of time and is eager to learn?

Having a diverse crowd looks like the key to success. A crowd that consists
of experts only leads to discussion, a crowd that consists of new mappers
only mightl lead to less usable data, you need a "perfect mix". Putting in
as much effort as possible from all involved is what is needed to reach
quantity and quality. Quality is created in phases, molding rough and
sometimes wrong activity into valuable information.

This is why I oppose the idea of setting a bar. The door should be open to
everyone. The focus should be on people who are eager to prticipate and get
things done.

I do agree that the validation process is a different matter. The
validators should preferably be directly involved with the organizing party
and be well informed about the information necessary to accept a task as
valid. And this doesn't always mean it has to be "perfect geometry" and
"everything visible mapped". A hard thing to predefine!

Kind regards,

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