[HOT] Greetings!

Mohammed Zia mohammed.zia33 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 07:25:28 UTC 2015

Hello All,

I am a Geomatics Engineering PhD student at Istanbul Technical University,
Turkey. I love GIS and was involved with ESRI's products for five years.
Since last two years I am working on FOSS4G.
I am a huge fan of OSM and great minds behind the whole project. I am using
OSM data exhaustively.

After Nepal-2015 earthquake, I learned about HOT and how they are
generating maps for humanitarian causes. I have a strong desire to be a
part of this team, merely for work satisfaction. I had a long learning
curve with GIS and related tools; and believe myself to be a good asset for
any plausible GIS project.

I have a good proficiency in database-driven web-GIS, python programming
for GIS, QGIS, PostGIS, pgRouting, OSM data editing, Git etc.

Keeping the text short, I will stop myself here and will expect some future
voluntary participation in any OSM project, where my past experiences could
be utilized.

Best Regards!

Mohammed Zia
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