[HOT] HOT Community Meeting Summary Notes and Next Steps

Heather Leson heatherleson at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 06:23:56 UTC 2015

HI Hotties,

The HOT community hosted three community calls this week to talk about the
Executive Director Transition and timing. The following is a summary and
some actions. Harry, Russell and Heather facilitated these meetings. Notes
and audio clips can be below.

All: Your support and help during this time is most appreciated.

These were attended by a total of 17 people with some people attending
multiple calls. There are 86 members of HOT.  It is my understanding that
there is about 1000 people on the main HOT mailing list.

The descriptive summary of attendees: Membership chair, HOT Board members
(current), HOT Board Member candidates, HOT Staff, HOT members and HOT
community contributors.

About the Executive Director (Transition, interim plans)

A draft description of the roles and responsibilities was discussed and
written. These can be found in the community call notes. There were some
opinions and inquiries into whether an interim Executive Director was

Some actions:


   Provide a full job description of the current Executive Director

      Owner: Kate, Status: requested

   Provide a full, public Executive Director Transition plan

      Owner: Heather/Board Status: Drafted, need ED, current Board
      permission to share, Some items are confidential (eg. staff and partner

   Consult with HOT’s advisor, Allen Gunn of Aspiration on the Executive
   Director Transition plan, Interim Executive Director job description and
   legal next steps

      Owner: Heather, Status: Email sent

   Interim Executive Director Job Description to be shared

      Owner: Board (current)

   Provide next steps to community and membership

      Owner: Heather, Board. To be sent within the next 24 hours.

About the timing of the Announcement

Harry and Heather explained to the attendees about the Board (current)
decision and timing of the announcement.  This is a rare situation. Most
Boards and Executive Directors do not change at the same time.

Some actions:


   Governance Working Group to write best practices for managing Board

   Membership Chair and election committee to write up their
   recommendations for improvement to this process.

Call notes




Call recordings (each about 1 hour)




Thank you,


Heather Leson
heatherleson at gmail.com
Twitter: HeatherLeson
Blog: textontechs.com
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