[HOT] Ebola Outbreak UNMEER Routing : Data Collection

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Thanks Nick
Badly, the LearnOSM table of contents do not yet mention it. Blake also mentionned to me after I sent this email.  

We need solutions to facilitate the management of the LearnOSM project. Let's hope that we will have the possibility to progress on this over the next year. regard

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 This section of LearnOSM;
 has sections on both OSMand & OSMTracker, but they are probably in need of a review. I've been a long time user of both, and each has evolved, but the principles in LearnOSM will probably be enough to get someone started. The last time I checked on the stats, they were one of the most visited sections of LearnOSM
 There has been a recent discussion thread on the googleGroups OSMand section, and someone has posted this link (I haven't had the chance to fully read it yet)
 Also, the OSMand site itself http://osmand.net/ which contains some info.
 And lastly, and the one I find easiest - on the app. itself, click on the question mark and a help screen with links appears. 
 I'd like to check the LearnOSM site on these subjects, but am completely swamped at the moment, so can only offer to 'try when I can'.
 I hope this helps.
 On 26/03/15 20:01, Pierre Béland wrote:

 We discussed earlier about UNMEER routing project. They presently have a project in Kambia to collect field data and they plan to use 50 phones. They inform us that has the team grow, more and more people use OSMAND. They want also to use OSMTracker and are looking for learning material about these two tools. 
  Could you please report about any learning material that we have.
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