[HOT] Ebola Outbreak UNMEER Routing : Data Collection

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Nick, thanks for replying to Tom;


Tom, also LearnOSM and other training tools are loosely organized by our Training Working Group (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Humanitarian_OSM_Team/Working_groups/Training), which you are welcome to attend our next meeting, don’t pay attention to the wiki-schedule, the next meeting is going to be at 08:00 UTC next Monday.


Thanks for your interest, and I say ‘loosely’ organized because don’t hesitate to work on stuff via this mailing list or github as well,



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Thanks for your interest in this. The site is maintained at https://github.com/hotosm/learnosm, and the instructions on updating it are found at https://github.com/hotosm/learnosm/blob/gh-pages/CONTRIBUTING.md

I also have a repository where I've been testing things out, and I have notes there on how to set up & maintain the files on my laptop after a crash - they are not in a fit state to be published, but I successfully used them when I recently changed my laptop. The notes are within the issues here:


If you do use my notes, I'd be interested in feedback as some could be incorporated into a quickstart guide.



On 27/03/15 18:12, Tom Taylor wrote:

I don't know anything about the tools, but I'm good at documentation and this seems to be a chance for me to learn. If there is a formal LearnOSM project, how do I join and what E-mail lists should I sign up for? 

Tom Taylor 

On 27/03/2015 8:17 AM, Pierre Béland wrote: 

Thanks Nick 

Badly, the LearnOSM table of contents do not yet mention it. Blake also 
mentionned to me after I sent this email. 

We need solutions to facilitate the management of the LearnOSM project. 
Let's hope that we will have the possibility to progress on this over 
the next year. 


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This section of LearnOSM; 


has sections on both OSMand & OSMTracker, but they are probably in need 
of a review. I've been a long time user of both, and each has evolved, 
but the principles in LearnOSM will probably be enough to get someone 
started. The last time I checked on the stats, they were one of the most 
visited sections of LearnOSM 

There has been a recent discussion thread on the googleGroups OSMand 
section, and someone has posted this link (I haven't had the chance to 
fully read it yet) 


Also, the OSMand site itself http://osmand.net/ which contains some info. 

And lastly, and the one I find easiest - on the app. itself, click on 
the question mark and a help screen with links appears. 

I'd like to check the LearnOSM site on these subjects, but am completely 
swamped at the moment, so can only offer to 'try when I can'. 

I hope this helps. 







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