[HOT] Urgent Request - Nepal Earthquake - What data can be shared on the maps?

Blake Girardot blake.girardot at hotosm.org
Sat May 2 12:57:02 UTC 2015

Hi Felix,

I am there sure there are others on this list much more qualified than
me to help you record, display and share this data.

Could you perhaps let us know exactly what kind of data it is and in
what format it is?

My guess is that some of the data would fit in directly with our
systems and be very valuable (geo located facilities, camps, road
status, etc) and some of it would be better as a separate layer in a
different system with our map as the underlying base layer.

Off the top of my head it sounds like maybe
http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/ might be a good place for the data that
is more informational and is very functional.

I look forward to speaking with you further. Please contact me off
list about how you can enter the road status data or how you might
pass it to us to enter and maybe some of that visually goes into the
umap I listed above.

I believe umap has an option for a private map, but most of them are
open so maybe some of the contact info would not be a good fit.

Anyway, just an option, like I said, others probably have some better


On Sat, May 2, 2015 at 7:58 AM, Felix Fiedler <ffitc15 at yahoo.de> wrote:
> Hi there!
> First of all, great job you're doing with your project!
> I could not find the information about what the HOT-Map is capable and time
> is short for us.
> I'm here in Pokhara and close to a very busy NGO which got lots of
> information about state of help in villages, roads open or not, contact
> information to villages etc.
> Whilst we where trying to find options to share this information to other
> organisations aswell for people out in the field, we found the HOT project.
> - So if anyone could be so kind and tell me if this project is an option for
> our purposes.
> - Do you know other tools that might be interesting for us, for "output"
> aswell for gathering information in an easy way from the individuals beeing
> in the field or coming back from there.
> Thanks a lot for you help!
> Felix
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