[HOT] Request for Import: VDC Boundaries

Prabhas Pokharel prabhas.pokharel at gmail.com
Mon May 4 16:58:48 UTC 2015

Hi all,
First, Wanted to thank Heather who wrote to UN OCHA and others to get the
process of importing the health facilities dataset going.

To re-iterate, the motivation is that the paper maps we have been making
are AMAZING resolution in terms of residential areas, buildings, and roads,
thanks to HOT volunteers, but that named POIs and locations are needed for
people trying to use them in the field.

Another dataset that would be extremely useful to get into OSM for this
same purpose is the VDC boundaries. I know of two sources:

and an older one from GADM <http://www.gadm.org/>, which has the following
 Nepal NPL FortiusOne Inc. (via WorldBank;
http://maps.worldbank.org/overlays/3238) (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Would it be possible to help us import these boundaries into OSM? If not,
what are the issues that need to be solved for that to happen?

Prabhas Pokharel
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