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Springfield Harrison stellargps at gmail.com
Thu May 7 07:47:59 UTC 2015

Hello Suzan,

         I am very new here and puzzled by some of the processes in 
place.  Not sure if I will even continue, there seems to be a fair 
bit of turmoil not related to the earthquake.  I received one e-mail 
from someone who said this OSM initiative has only been going 10 
years and was still a work in progress!  10 years, and only now 
someone is starting to put together some training materials?  What 
has been going on?  The instructional materials that do exist also 
seem to be scattered among many sites and documents; I have given up 
trying to keep track.  I went through two introductory videos on the 
simple editor which was fine and then fired up JOSM which looks quite 
daunting, even for someone experienced with GIS.

         I'm still not clear why an emergency response project would 
need building footprints, especially when it is so labour intensive 
to create and then correct them.  There seem to be some odd 
priorities, but then I certainly don't know the whole picture.

                 Thanks, Cheers . . . . . . . . Spring

At 07-05-2015 00:30 Thursday, Suzan Reed wrote:
>Training My major problem with the current training, it's long, 
>boring, and slow. A Quick Start Guide would be perfect for someone 
>like me. A video with this information would be great. I could not 
>go through the training because it went too slow, so I missed some 
>information, but found the process for someone like me who works in 
>Photoshop pretty easy and intuitive, but I'm not a usual newbie. An 
>orientation video for the area being mapped. I don't think many 
>mappers know what buildings in remote areas of Nepal look like, or 
>that villages are spread out over a big area, or that paths just end 
>and do not connect in rural Nepal. A video with still and moving 
>images I believe would be a big help. People could then see 
>buildings are not square, built out of piles of rocks, and are often 
>two stories tall with animals below and people above. Roofs are tin, 
>or packed earth. If mappers could see this I think they would do a 
>better job mapping. The video could also go over other details of 
>the project. I'd be willing to help with this. Mentors I have 
>connected with someone who is my mentor and checks my work. Think it 
>would be great if every newbie could have a mentor, or a group of 
>mentors to submit work to. Correcting other's work We all want to do 
>a good job, but I don't think the training gives the most important 
>information up front, i.e. make buildings the right size and square. 
>I've just deleted and redrawn about 100 buildings that were not 
>square nor did they fit on the image footprint. The mappers probably 
>thought a rough polygon would let people know a building existed in 
>that spot, but that's not what's needed. Same with paths that didn't 
>conform to the image. How to do it right would be so helpful if 
>included in the training up front. I don't think most people have 
>the patience to go through slow training, or my DVD wouldn't have 
>come with a Quick Start Guide! I'm a Newbie, and I recommend newbies 
>be limited to drawing buildings and adding roads and paths. Experts 
>should draw Residential Areas in rural areas and note forests and 
>other features. I've corrected hundreds of buildings and paths. It's 
>a waste of time and energy for the original mapper and the person 
>correcting. We all want to do a good job or we wouldn't be spending 
>hours mapping. Hope this helps. Cheers! Suzan On May 6, 2015, at 
>11:10 PM, Laura Camellini wrote: Hi all, as I suggested some days 
>ago, I'd like to add these video training (while done) to a moodle 
>course, And maybe be able to synch the moodle course training with 
>the task manager permission to edit maps. Do you think this could 
>help you with your tasks? Regards, LauraC 2015-05-07 3:16 GMT+02:00 
>Mhairi O'Hara <mhairi.ohara at hotosm.org>: Dear Hotties, Please see 
>the e-mail from Pete Masters from the Missing Maps project: We are 
>thinking about putting together some video training resources for 
>HOT mapping for newbies. No concrete plans yet, just getting some 
>thoughts together. There's a shared doc here, where we're collecting 
>ideas for the individual modules. Please feel free to add your 
>thoughts and, even better, to encourage newbies to identify where 
>there are most needs for training materials... 
>Cheers, Pete -- Pete Masters Missing Maps Project Coordinator +44 
>7921 781 518 missingmaps.org @pedrito1414 @theMissingMaps 
>facebook.com/MissingMapsProject -- Mhairi O'Hara Technical Project 
>Manager Email: mhairi.ohara at hotosm.org Indonesian Mobile: +62 822 
>4701 1475 Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Using OpenStreetMap for 
>Humanitarian Response & Economic Development 
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