[HOT] Missing Maps #993 (Unity State, South Sudan): Concern about primary road (Wun_Chuei-Boyapak)

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Wed May 13 22:57:22 UTC 2015


Is there anyone (perhaps from MSF) with local knowledge of the road 
network in Unity State?
Can you take a look at 
http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/22259826#map=13/8.3387/30.0187 which 
shows the primary road.
In many places I can't see any evidence for it on the ground (on either 
Bing or Mapbox imagery), and even where I can see something it looks 
more like a track than a primary highway. In places, tracks have been 
entered close to the line of this primary road. Possibly these are the 
actual road.

I found a map of Unity State at 
which shows a major road heading west from Leer, but also shows Boyapak 
to be north of Leer. (Neither Boyapak nor Wun Chuei appear on OSM).

This primary road was originally entered in 2008 with a given source of 
UN JLC, so perhaps it was copied from a map such as the one I referred 
to above.

Keen to get this right. Should I delete what is there if there is no 
evidence on the ground? Even though it appears that such a road does exist.

Any advice as to how to proceed?


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