[HOT] Mapping high tension power lines in Nepal

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jgc at arkemie.com
Thu May 14 11:26:38 UTC 2015


As you may know, helicopters play a critical role in bringing help to
Nepalese people affected by April 25 7.8 earthquake, and May 12 7.4
aftershock, with roads blocked or made dangerous by landslides and
unstable terrain.

A USMC helicopter that was taking part in this effort is missing since
May 12. Other helicopters involved in the search and rescue mission
report that: "A primary concern for ongoing search and rescue efforts is
unmarked high tension power lines, which have been reported and bisect
many of the valleys in the search area".

Some high tension power lines have already been mapped
(http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/9lx , passed along to those conducting the
searches). Starting from electrical dams makes it easier to spot them.

If mappers experienced at mapping power lines could give a hand, this
would be great. (Or others willing to learn, like me :) ).

Bing is available for large parts of Nepal. A focus for current search
and rescue effort is around Ghorthali (27.7517 N  86.0342 E) from where
a Nepalese local reported seeing a helicopter crash. But of course high
tension power lines would also be nice to have for Sindhupalchowk,
Dolakha and other affected districts (see

(Please download and upload OSM data often, in case other mappers work
on the same theme).



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