[HOT] Issue with new mapper invalidating my task

Carl von Einem carl at einem.net
Sun May 17 11:26:56 UTC 2015

Hi Blake,

thanks a lot for reviewing the task and explaining what you did. I think 
the workflow for validating tasks is still a mystery to users.

Your comments help me to increase the quality of my mapping efforts. And 
as well bring back some motivation.

It puzzles me that a relatively new user 
(<http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/GoUtes!>) would be able to map in a 
project clearly outlined as "TASK NOT FOR BEGINNERS" 
(<http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/1006>) and even starts (in)validating 
tasks. Is there some statistical method to check on this pattern and 
double check contributions of such users (plus addressing those mappers 
so they get constructive feedback)?


Blake Girardot wrote on 16.05.15 15:40:
> Hi,
> I agree with John, a lot of the mapping of roads/paths/waterways in
> Nepal is very very difficult both due to the actual terrain and the
> imagery.
> I edited this task square and marked it complete.
> When I got to it, it was actually pretty well mapped.
> Almost everyone, myself included, maps short unconnected path and road
> segments when they first start. The directions often say something like
> "map every path and follow it as far as you can see it" which leads us
> all to map every path we see and only for where we see it obviously.
> But that can be a little counter productive and not a good use of time.
> Always try and "see" the connections between short segments. You can't
> map what is not there, but do look very hard to see if, "ya probably
> these connect over this 2m segment in the trees."
> And always try very hard to find a connection to the "main
> transportation network" be that roads or paths.
> If you are finding a lot of short segments that you just can't connect
> to a part of the "network" no matter how hard you look, that is a signal
> you might be mapping something that you should just leave unmapped and
> move on to more significant objects to map.
> In mapping like this there are a lot of judgement calls about what to
> map and what to not map.
> I removed about 10 small segments that I could not find a way to connect
> to the network and in zooming out and looking, probably were not going
> to help make the map more useful for navigation and logistics anyway.
> Don't let yourself get lost in mapping every tiny part of a path you can
> see, and don't invalidate a task square just because there are some tiny
> unmapped paths somewhere.
> In validation, the best practice would have been to spend 15 mins fixing
> up the task square, take out the shorties, connecting what should have
> been connected and then mark it validated. But like mapping, we are new
> to validating at some point as well.
> Like I said, it was pretty good when I got there so everyone who worked
> on this task square should be pretty happy, you did a good job, short
> segments we all map and it is hard not to :)
> Thank you for following up and asking Carl.
> Cheers,
> Blake

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