[HOT] Problems saving in ID

Suzan Reed suzan at suzanreed.com
Thu May 21 08:05:44 UTC 2015

For some time I've been having problems saving when using ID. 

I don't know who to report this to. Can someone direct me the person or people who can fix the ID editor? Or send the following to them? 


Here are the issues:
1. After Saving edits, unlocking the Task, and going to another Task, a dialog box appears with two icons that indicates past edits have not saved, and asks if I want to restore the edits and save them. When saved, I believe these over write the last Task, doubling the images. 

2. Other times another dialog box appears: 
"Errors occured while trying to save
Bad Gateway. The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at www.openstreetmap.org Port 80"  (html tags have been removed for brevity.)

When Saving after getting this kind of dialog box, the Save button has to be pressed several times. There can be long delays. Eventually the edits Save and I get the dialog that shows they are being saved and the blue images in the left column appear. 

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