[HOT] step by step recipe for iD bug reporting

Charlotte Wolter techlady at techlady.com
Sat May 23 20:40:00 UTC 2015


         That sounds like we're getting closer to a solution, and
putting it under "Instructions" makes sense. It would be even
better if there were a button, labeled "Report a Problem" somewhere
in the Tasking Manager. (something for the future)
         I would just write a draft "Problem Report" myself, but
I don't know what those who would fix a problem would need to
know, except the obvious stuff:

         User Name:
         Time (with your time zone):
         Task Number:
              (Actually there are two, the big task and the little 
square they were working on. Too bad we can't capture this automatically)
         Operating system (?):
         Computer brand (?):


At 12:17 PM 5/23/2015, you wrote:
>Thanks, Clifford, that's an important step. As Charlotte correctly 
>points out we'll probably lose a huge number of users here anyhow. 
>But maybe this can be a basis for a "How can I report a technical 
>problem?" guide in the "Questions About Tasks, Mapping or HOT?" 
>section of the OSM Tasking Manager. Actually this should also be 
>available in the "Instructions" tab and in 
><http://tasks.hotosm.org/about>. Carl Clifford Snow wrote on 
>23.05.15 20:44: > > On Sat, May 23, 2015 at 10:04 AM, Carl von Einem 
><carl at einem.net > <mailto:carl at einem.net>> wrote: > >     1. on the 
>upper left is a search bar ("Search GitHub"): type 'iD' >     and 
>click "enter" on your keyboard > >     2. in the list of search 
>results click on "openstreetmap/iD" (should >     be the first 
>item) > >     3. click on "Issues" (navigation bar on the 
>right) > > > At this point search to see if the bug has already been 
>reported by > adding key words in the filter text box and hit enter. 
>If no open issues > are found, then proceed to step 4. Otherwise 
>enter any relevant > information into the existing 
>issue. > > >     4. click on "New issue" (green button) > >     5. 
>choose a good title and write your problem description > >     6. 
>click on "Submit..." > 
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