[HOT] Nepal Earthquake IDP Camp Sites Validation

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Hi Benni,

Thanks for sharing your work. There is another ongoing study of post-Nepal
OSM data quality focusing on IDP camps. This is being undertaken by ITHACA
www.ithacaweb.org. It may be useful to chat with their team - let me know
if I can put you in contact.


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On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 6:09 PM, Pierre Béland <pierzenh at yahoo.fr> wrote:

> Hi Benni,
> I suggest that you update the Shelter Dynamics Observer page to indicate
> that this is an academic study to develop the methodology in assessing such
> IDP Camps when the situation evolve rapidly in such crisis context.
> The primary role of HOT and the OSM community in such responses is to
> produce rapidly the basemap and offer Maps and Services to support the
> humanitarians that deploy in affected areas. Many organizations are
> involved in damage or IDP camp assessments other and this is not done only
> from interpretation of aerial imagery.
> In such Humanitarian Activations, communications among various
> organizations and flexibility are key factors. Our Coordination team, the
> DHNetwork partner organizations, Imagery providers, UN Agencies and
> international organizations are in constant contact and re-evaluate
> constantly the situation and actions to take. After the first evaluation of
> the Kathmandu IDP camps, the decision was taken to let the field teams in
> Kathmandu revise assessments of IDP camps in these urban areas since it was
> easy for them to access camps in the Kathmandu valley.
> This was not the case for the remote areas in the mountains and the bad
> news coming from various sources convinced the Coordination Group to reorient
> the OSM remote mapping priority to complete rapidly the basemap for these
> areas not yet mapped in detail.  There was almost no communication with
> many isolated villages, with often no roads, landslides and constant risks
> with the earthquake aftershocks.
> regard
> Pierre
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> Hello everyone,
> I'm Benni from disastermappers Heidelberg. Pete Masters recently wrote a
> post about a crowdsourcing application that uses PyBossa to identify
> human settlements in South Kivu for the Missing Maps project. First of
> all, thank you for the great feedback.
> Currently I'm working on a study to assess the quality of IDP camp sites
> mapping after the 2015 Nepal earthquake. You may agree that in
> situations like the Nepal earthquake we still have problems validating
> all the incoming data. Nevertheless, this step is crucial and especially
> for IDP camps it determines the further usage of the data in the field.
> Many camps became outdated just after a few days after the earthquake.
> Therefore, I created a microtasking validation task similar to the
> PyBossa task for the Missing Maps project. I think, that this may help
> to fasten up the validation process with special regard to features that
> are temporally dynamic like IDP camps.
> Since I know that many of you contributed to the Nepal earthquake
> mapping efforts I would be glad if some of you could help to validate
> the OSM data. If you would like to contribute just follow the link:
> http://crowdmap.geog.uni-heidelberg.de/app/shelter_dynamics/
> You find additional information on our blog:
> https://disastermappers.wordpress.com/2015/10/13/help-us-validating-2015-nepal-earthquake-idp-camp-sites-in-openstreetmap/
> Futhermore, I set up a googledoc for any feedback our ideas you may
> have. It's here:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_MElXJkIE4b2ruu22zZQiQ7gRaTT9GPIpYgpiOE7hbs/edit?usp=sharing
> Have a nice day,
> Benni
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