[HOT] Cat-5 Hurricane Patricia heading to Mexican Pacific Coast

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Hi Rodolfo,
As Rafael said, we had problems importing for Nepal. We spent a lot of time in the midlle of a crisis to prepare the data and discuss on the import list, this without any success.
The same with COD/FOD. This cannot in general be imported into OSM. 

The best then is to carry all such data available and create layers to overlay over OSM. Not the ideal, but the best solution to operate when a disaster surge.

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Hi all,
here is the same document translated to spanish that was used during landslides in Salgar, Colombia (you can copy and adapt):

Rafael, I'm not so expert with imports, just thinking with another hut: what about if a raster image is created from the data and then used to create derivate data (by tracing)?  Each image (with points, vectors or polygons) could be a set of themes --by colors-- (cod, fod or any other pertinent geospatial object).
Rodolfo, do you think is possible to contact agriculture (or other private/public) institutions that may have aerial imagery that can be used for a potential disaster?
There are some field pictures in mapillary that maybe can help:
https://www.mapillary.com/map/search/16.903176634591702/-99.1884312967026/8 (maybe you can deploy a fast mission with vehicules before hurricane arrives).

2015-10-23 4:35 GMT-05:00 Rafael Avila Coya <ravilacoya at gmail.com>:

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Hi all:

You can download an Authorization of use of data here:

I don't know if there is an Spanish-translated one.

We got the same problem with CC-by when trying to import VDC
boundaries in Nepal after the earthquake. For me, this is a non-sense,
because if you release data with CC-by, you are mainly giving
permission to do whatever, and only asking for attribution, that can
go in the import wiki and metadata of the changeset (and also the
objects too).

The reason they give is just the opposite: that ODbL doesn't guarantee
that they will attribute the data according to the "restrictions" of
the CC-by license.

Sarah Hinchliff Pearson, Senior counsel of Creative Commons, was asked
about this and said clearly that ODbL is compatible with CC-by, but
not even this statement was sufficient.



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