[HOT] Exciting news: $10,000 contribution from Mapbox

Tyler Radford tyler.radford at hotosm.org
Mon Dec 19 18:13:32 UTC 2016

Dear all, Mapbox (www.mapbox.com), a HOT corporate partner, just committed
$10,000 USD to help fund critical community mapping projects via our
campaign http://donate.hotosm.org ! *But we need your help: in order to
release the second half of the funding, HOT must reach 150 individual
donors by January 1st, 2017.*

Please consider donating *any amount* today. We're already at 91 donors to
the campaign - just 59 more to go to trigger the full Mapbox contribution.

Thank you HOT community!

*Tyler Radford*
Executive Director
tyler.radford at hotosm.org

*Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team*
*Using OpenStreetMap for Humanitarian Response & Economic Development*
web <http://hotosm.org/> | twitter <https://twitter.com/hotosm> | facebook
<https://www.facebook.com/hotosm> | donate <http://donate.hotosm.org>

*Donate <http://donate.hotosm.org> any amount by Jan 1st and provide people
with equipment and funding to put vulnerable communities on the world map
for the first time!*
[image: Donate today and change lives through maps!]
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