[HOT] Looking for an experienced OSM trainer for Kyrgyzstan [short-term]

Stéphane Henriod s at henriod.info
Fri Feb 12 12:24:40 UTC 2016

Dear all,

We are looking for an *experienced OSM trainer* to teach the basics of
field data collection (mostly with field papers) and computer-based mapping
(probably only with ID) in remote villages of Naryn province in Kyrgyzstan
http://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/1251542 . As you can see, some
villages and towns are already on the map but most of the region is still
highly undermapped. Here the villages which we want to work on:


At-Bashy region of Naryn province, Kyrgyzstan:
- Kazybek village:
- Ak-Muz village:
- At-Bashy village:
- Kara-Suu village:

Ak-Talaa region of Naryn province, Kyrgyzstan:
- Ugut village:
- Jany Talap village:
- Kara-Oi village:

Naryn region of Naryn province, Kyrgyzstan:
- Kyzyl-Jyldyz village:
- Kuibychev village:
- Dostuk village:

*Context of the project:*

The Kyrgyz Mountains Environmental Education and Citizen Science project
aims at developing simple tools and activities for teachers to learn and
conduct scientific investigations on the water resources around their
village, and make the collected data publicly available.
The kids will analyse water quality, water flow, and map all objects
related to water in their community.
As a basis for visualizing and mapping the water items, they will first map
their community in OSM, which will further help them to locate the points
where the data is being collected and visualize the results of their

The KMEECS project operates in a very remote context in the Tien-Shan
mountains of Kyrgyzstan. It forms part of the Open and Collaborative
Science in Development Network.

More information can be found under: http://ocsdnet.org/projects/kmeecs/


- Previous experience in teaching OSM in very low-tech environments:

- Expected low level of IT litteracy in the schools
- Unreliable Internet connection
- Expected old computers

- Ability to teach in English (which will be translated into Russian or
Kyrgyz) OR (even better) ability to teach directly in Russian or in Kyrgyz


Given the small size of the project, it is at the moment unfortunately
unlikely that we can provide any salary for this task (although this is
still being investigated) but all costs (inclusive international flight
tickets and accommodation) will be covered. Moreover, it is an opportunity
to discover a beautiful part of the world that is mostly unknown and
unheard of :-)

*Practical information:*

We are still searching for someone in the local OSM community who could
work along with the trainer (to help with translation but also to take an
active part in the teaching itself).

The training is expected to take place in April 2016, for up to 10 days,
but we do have some flexibility on the dates

If interested, please reply directly to me and Aline and give us a quick
idea of when / how / where you have been involved in teaching OSM at the
community level in less-than-optimal IT environments! Any report / blog
post / pictures / tangible result will of course be appreciated!

Thanks and cheers



Stéphane Henriod
CIM-Expert for GIS and Green Economy Statistics

Национальный статистический комитет Кыргызской Республики
Кыргыз Республикасынын Улуттук статистика комитети
National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic

374 Фрунзе ул. / Frunze str.
720033 Бишкек / Bishkek

T   +996 778 46 99 02 (KG)
T   +49 176 280 11 050 (DE)
E    s at henriod.info
W   http://www.stat.kg
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