[HOT] Surveying Helicopter Landing Zones (HLZs)

Keith Darby keithdar at usc.edu
Fri Nov 4 16:55:49 UTC 2016


I am a retired Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot, and a current Masters Candidate in GIS Technologies at USC.

I am working on my thesis, which is based on the premise that crowd-sourced geospatial information, if properly structured, could aid aircrews in surveying potential HLZs for disaster response.

The work flow would be as follows:

(1) Helicopter planners and aircrews would select potential HLZs in a disaster-affected region, using whatever mission planning GISystem at their disposal (normally baed on remote sensing data)

(2) Those proposed HLZs would be uploaded to OSM.

(3) Volunteers could select one of those HLZs and conduct a ground-truth survey, following a script (that I would develop).

(4) Those surveys would be uploaded to OSM and validated.

(5) the Helicopter mission planners and aircrews could use those surveys to select the best zones for disaster relief operations.

I am looking at using the towns of Honokaa and Waimea on the northern end of the Big Island of Hawaii as my study area, as I live close by, and I have the local Community Emergency Response Team (volunteers) willing to support. 

Who do I need to talk to about getting HOT permission to conduct a limited objective study in this area?


Keith Darby

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