[HOT] Improving data quality of Maperthons

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 16:32:50 UTC 2016

I think we have to accept that maperthon mappers will not map an exact
number of tiles.

Whether that is half a tile, two and quarter tiles it doesn’t matter.  We
still need to catch the errors they make and if they are spread out over a
project on tiles that are not marked done they are difficult to find.

One very simple improvement is to ask them to map a block, say at the top
left hand corner.  This makes it much easier for someone with JOSM to slurp
the area in, grab a tile then pull in the surrounding area and run JOSM
validation on the area.

This picks up the crossing ways, the highways that almost meet, the
area=yes that have been left without further tags, highways=road and the
untagged ways.  It’s not perfect validation but it hits some of the major
errors that keep the mapping from being useful.

Ideally after 30 minutes ask people to upload or save, then grab with
JOSM.  You’ll need the mappers to write on a bit of paper what their OSM
name is to provide feedback but immediate feedback can be helpful to the
mapper and for data quality reasons.

Even if you don’t have JOSM or know how to use it, it helps a validator or
even what I call a heavy mapper who doesn’t think of themselves as a
validator but often will come in and complete a partially mapped tile
making some corrections as they go.  Thoughts?

Thanks John
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