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Rod Bera rod at goarem.org
Mon Oct 24 14:53:56 UTC 2016

Sorry Blake,

Given history there is now way I would do anything under the HOT US inc.

Don't pretend openness in HOT US inc. when alternative views have
constantly been repressed since at least 4 or 5 years.
By the way there were indeed examples of tasks within the remit of
humanitarian action which were rejected or removed, as far as I
remember. In addition a debatable definition of what is humanitarian and
what is not de facto excluded all training and capacity building actions
(even though they had a hum/dev finality).

Until last year I had to fight to make HOT US inc. admit
tasks.hotosm.org was just for HOT US inc. convenience and have it
re-branded "HOT TM", instead of "OSM TM".


On 24/10/16 16:15, Blake Girardot wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 11:46 AM, Rod Bera <rod at goarem.org> wrote:
>> Hi Mikel,
>>> that's a seperate topic from running an additional unnecessary
>>> tasking manager.
>> to me it's not.
>> As I understand things, the fact that a task needs to be
>> endorsed/supported by HOT if it is to appear on tasks.hotosm.org is a
>> problem. The fact that only co-opted ("trained", "friends") individual
>> can post a task is a problem too.
> Hi Rod,
> I am not sure where you get this idea, but HOT is always open and very
> relaxed in who can post projects. At the moment there are literally
> hundreds of people who can post projects on the HOT OSM Tasking
> Manager. The only requirement is that it is a humanitarian based
> project and that we work as a team within the limitations of the
> existing software to focus mapping and come to agreement about project
> priorities on a consensus basis, especially during a HOT Activation.
> Planned changes to HOT's OSM Tasking Manager software will make that
> easier for sure.
> It would be great if people who create projects have some minimum
> level of understanding of what makes a good project and how to use the
> Tasking Manager software, and we are working on ways to make sure
> people do have that knowledge, but it has not prevented anyone from
> creating projects on the HOT OSM Tasking Manager install and I add
> folks as Project Managers on a regular basis.
> In this case specifically, all of the folks creating mapping projects
> on the taches francophone install of HOT's OSM Tasking Manager
> software can create projects on HOT's installation (actually they are
> full admins on HOT's install so can add project creators as well). The
> only thing we ask is that like every activation in the past, they join
> the HOT Activation Coordination channel, currently on our public slack
> channel[1], and collaborate on projects created so everyone is mapping
> on the best possible projects and in conjunction with the folks we are
> working with on the ground doing response work and we have consensus
> on the projects and their priority. There was never any rejection or
> selectivity of any project now or in the past for projects they
> created.
> As long as people make an effort to work as a team and in the best
> interests of the folks on the ground we are trying to help, everyone
> is welcome, both in the activation coordination and to create projects
> on HOT's install of the OSM Tasking Manager.
> Cheers,
> Blake
> [1]https://hotosm-slack.herokuapp.com/
> ps: I know Severin, Nico and Pierre are all admins on the HOT Tasking
> Manager, if you send me your osm username, I can make sure you are as
> well Rod if you would like to create projects on the HOT install.

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