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Cristiano Giovando cristiano.giovando at hotosm.org
Mon Oct 24 18:21:44 UTC 2016

Hi Rod,

I am kindly asking you to please consider making proposals on how to
improve coordination between different TMs and teams, rather than
bringing up past issues or accusations. IMHO that is not helpful to
try and unite the OSM community, especially in the context of an
active response.

As Blake said, anyone who needs it, including members of ProjetEOF
have access to the HOT hosted OSM TM. I also perfectly agree on having
multiple tasking managers, as that already is the case in many
countries and communities that run their own. The project is open
source and it's good to see a diversity of applications, which
hopefully make the project an code grow stronger.

To address any potential issues on governance and project creation
coordination, I created these suggestions:


Please contribution your comments and ideas there.

Thank you,


On Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 7:53 AM, Rod Bera <rod at goarem.org> wrote:
> Sorry Blake,
> Given history there is now way I would do anything under the HOT US inc.
> banner.
> Don't pretend openness in HOT US inc. when alternative views have
> constantly been repressed since at least 4 or 5 years.
> By the way there were indeed examples of tasks within the remit of
> humanitarian action which were rejected or removed, as far as I
> remember. In addition a debatable definition of what is humanitarian and
> what is not de facto excluded all training and capacity building actions
> (even though they had a hum/dev finality).
> Until last year I had to fight to make HOT US inc. admit
> tasks.hotosm.org was just for HOT US inc. convenience and have it
> re-branded "HOT TM", instead of "OSM TM".
> Rod
> On 24/10/16 16:15, Blake Girardot wrote:
>> On Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 11:46 AM, Rod Bera <rod at goarem.org> wrote:
>>> Hi Mikel,
>>>> that's a seperate topic from running an additional unnecessary
>>>> tasking manager.
>>> to me it's not.
>>> As I understand things, the fact that a task needs to be
>>> endorsed/supported by HOT if it is to appear on tasks.hotosm.org is a
>>> problem. The fact that only co-opted ("trained", "friends") individual
>>> can post a task is a problem too.
>> Hi Rod,
>> I am not sure where you get this idea, but HOT is always open and very
>> relaxed in who can post projects. At the moment there are literally
>> hundreds of people who can post projects on the HOT OSM Tasking
>> Manager. The only requirement is that it is a humanitarian based
>> project and that we work as a team within the limitations of the
>> existing software to focus mapping and come to agreement about project
>> priorities on a consensus basis, especially during a HOT Activation.
>> Planned changes to HOT's OSM Tasking Manager software will make that
>> easier for sure.
>> It would be great if people who create projects have some minimum
>> level of understanding of what makes a good project and how to use the
>> Tasking Manager software, and we are working on ways to make sure
>> people do have that knowledge, but it has not prevented anyone from
>> creating projects on the HOT OSM Tasking Manager install and I add
>> folks as Project Managers on a regular basis.
>> In this case specifically, all of the folks creating mapping projects
>> on the taches francophone install of HOT's OSM Tasking Manager
>> software can create projects on HOT's installation (actually they are
>> full admins on HOT's install so can add project creators as well). The
>> only thing we ask is that like every activation in the past, they join
>> the HOT Activation Coordination channel, currently on our public slack
>> channel[1], and collaborate on projects created so everyone is mapping
>> on the best possible projects and in conjunction with the folks we are
>> working with on the ground doing response work and we have consensus
>> on the projects and their priority. There was never any rejection or
>> selectivity of any project now or in the past for projects they
>> created.
>> As long as people make an effort to work as a team and in the best
>> interests of the folks on the ground we are trying to help, everyone
>> is welcome, both in the activation coordination and to create projects
>> on HOT's install of the OSM Tasking Manager.
>> Cheers,
>> Blake
>> [1]https://hotosm-slack.herokuapp.com/
>> ps: I know Severin, Nico and Pierre are all admins on the HOT Tasking
>> Manager, if you send me your osm username, I can make sure you are as
>> well Rod if you would like to create projects on the HOT install.
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