[HOT] Showcases - What has been done with HOT's effort

Felix Delattre felix.delattre at hotosm.org
Wed Oct 26 14:33:18 UTC 2016

Dear HOT-community,

It is important to show the *outcomes* HOT has leveraged. This helps us
for the inspiration of people and organizations about the possibilities
of Open Data for humanitarian activities and also for our fund-raising

We usually communicate results as news on the website, such as
statistics of activations (how many mappers participated, how much data
was collected, what extend was mapped, how many people effected, ...)
and this is good!

But we also want to show *tangible outcomes*, to answer the questions,
what this data has been used for. Especially our partners, or
communities that used the collected open data to produce impacts and
products based on the data. Therefore I've created a showcases section
on the website: https://hotosm.org/showcases

Unfortunately there aren't a lot of good examples, yet, and I'd like to
invite everybody who has a story to share to contribute to this effort.
Once we have good content there I'll link the showcases to be visible on
the website's general pages.

If you have an account on the website (which you should have as a HOT
member) you can add a new showcase by visiting this link:
In case you don't have the permissions to do so, or you don't have an
account but want to contribute with a showcase, please write me in private.

Please try to make it short, visual (pictures!) and convincing.

Thank you!

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