[HOT] Showcases - What has been done with HOT's effort

Martin Noblecourt m_noblecourt at cartong.org
Fri Oct 28 08:10:17 UTC 2016

Hi Felix,

Regarding what we've been involved with:

  * MSF case study written with CartONG on GIS response to the Ebola
    crisis (inc. many aspects on OSM):
  * Several case studies as part of the UAV research project conducted
    by FSD, CartONG, Zoi Network and UAViator, particularly in Haiti
    (with COSMHA:
    and Tanzania
  * All the stories on the Missing Maps blog:
  * CartONG supported one of the phases of the UAV implementation in
    2014, it was an opportunity to record a video highlighting the work
    done by the local community & IOM:
  * A short feedback on the OSM training we conducted in Madagascar last
    year (in French only, sorry):

Feel free to publish them as long as you include links to the original 
posts and authors.

As CartONG we always try to document & highlight the usefulness of the 
work done by the OSM communities & the data they produce... when we can 
(it is not always possible for budget & time reasons unfortunately).



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> Hi Paul,
> great, that you are going to write a case study!
> Yes, in the communications working group I've mentioned this some months
> ago, and I've heard a couple of times that people wanted to outreach to
> the partners to write such a case study. Until now there hasn't been any
> input, yet. And that's the reason why I'm asking on this list for more
> help to get good stories on results made using OSM data improved through
> HOT's initiatives.
> Please help out if you have been doing or you are in contact with
> anybody who has created a cool product/result!
> BTW, if it would be because of me, I'd make it a (not too tight)
> condition, that people who use the data for the good, share their
> success story with us:)
> Thanks,
> Felix

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