[HOT] User removing highway tags from the Earthquake area (Uganda and Tanzania)

Michael HeiƟmeier michael63 at digital-filestore.de
Tue Sep 13 10:39:10 UTC 2016


I would assume that this is some kind of weird error. Looking at the user's 
history this obviously only happened in three changesets, 42110663, 42112337 and 
42112459. His latest one and the immediate previous ones do not show this kind 
of modification.

Considering that this is an area with an activation going I am not sure whether 
a standard revert of the changesets will be a good idea - I assume that many of 
these objects have been touched in the meantime.

I see two options:

1. Revert the changesets and thus lose all other edits by the user from these 
changesets too. I tried locally with changeset 42112459 which would result in 16 
conflicts to be solved. The main problem would be with nodes modified in these 
changesets and subsequently by other users.

2. Only detect ways without tags which is easy with JOSM's validator and assign 
"highway=road" to them to mark them for further inspection. This would require 
going over the whole area afterwards and re-assign proper highway tags.

I am not sure which one sounds easier. Option 2 is quicker for the immediate fix 
but means a lot of work afterwards.

Best Regards

Marco, 2016-09-13 12:01:
> I just came thru this area [1] that I tried to map in the last few days
> and found out that someone has been removing the highway=* tag from a
> large number of ways. I wrote him a private message asking for the
> reason of his edits, but I'd like to share this problem with someone
> with more HOT experience in order to understand what's going on and how
> can we quickly fix this, as road mapping seems to me seriously important
> for the guys on the ground who use OSM to help the locals
> [1] http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=15/-1.2260/31.5053&layers=HD
> Thanks
> Marco
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