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Of course good research goes way beyond basic statistics. But basic
statistics have their value too.

* You can get some nice stats for a custom area with this tool:

* Missing maps has some road length statistics by country:
(it is easy to demonstrate the possibly negative impact on map evolution of
hot activations and imports. Compare for example road network length for
Haiti and Dominican Republic. Mind you, there are many alternative
explanations possible)

* The easiest way to get the data from a certain activation/mapathon is by
using Overpass:
- this gives you all the changes in a bounding box within a certain time:
http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/iJM (you can just move the map or draw a
bounding box)

- you can have this query a polygon in poly format:
(and you can extract the polygon in json used for a certain task from the
tasking manager)

- if map data becomes really big, you can download without visualising:

- you could also generate a csv list with just the stuff you need; here's
an example: http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/iJO
(it should be possible to get the username into that list, but I didn't
find how. The people at help.openstreetmap.org are extremely helpful with
that kind of thing)
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