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Hi Folks,


One things for sure - you should never be able to upload anything from ID that is untagged. As for buildings I use both JOSM and ID. I think it just requires good instructions for either system. You get into a rhythm with either system so for me it comes back to good instruction as early as possible. I know some of my first attempts were hopeless as I didn't read anything, just plugged away. Hopefully I have gone back and corrected most.


Cheers - Phil - relative newbie (tastrax)


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Maybe we're explaining it to them wrong, somehow.


It's more likely that it's too easy to do it wrong though. These issues keep coming back and haunt us.


Anyway, I went in and tried it myself, once more.


'3' (to draw an area, I like keyboard shortcuts)

4 mouse clicks + enter or 5 mouse clicks, depending if you close the shape or not.


Pressing 's' along the way here has different outcomes. That's not the way to go.


Pressing enter gives back the dialog to turn it into a building (if you had mapped a building before). That's good.

Only now, the mapper should press 's' before moving on.


Knowing myself, I would also forget about that.


In JOSM I press 'b', then 3 mouse clicks and I have a building. Tagged and squared the way it should be.


If it's  L-shaped, I press 'x', double click on a side and extrude a part of it.


If I somehow got it wrong, I press 'w', move the nodes to the corners, then press 'q'. That's also what I do/did to fix all those unsquared buildings when validating tasks.




2017-04-11 7:46 GMT+02:00 Shawn K. Quinn <skquinn at rushpost.com>:

On 04/11/2017 12:23 AM, Dale Kunce wrote:
> All this is a reminder to everyone to keep the language and intent of
> statements in a respectful manner. The iD developers and mainteners work
> very hard to manage the project and do a very good job. I know some of
> you have frustrations but please be respectful of others time and
> efforts as well.

I have a saying (from the would-be radio/TV producer in me): Sometimes
bleep happens, and sometimes it happens and there's no bleep.

I can understand the frustration from having to clean up "iD droppings"
(for lack of a better term). I have lost count of the number of slopped
down building outlines that aren't even close to the rectangular truth
on the ground (this is normal OSM i.e. non-HOT mapping). I've managed to
keep my changeset comments profanity-free despite my frustration, which
at times has been a challenge. That said it's hard for me to blame the
original poster for using that word in that context, I probably would
have said it the same way.

Admittedly some of the blame has to fall on the users for not knowing
how to use iD properly. It is possible to tag buildings correctly and
square them up to 90° angles with iD. I've done it before.

Shawn K. Quinn <skquinn at rushpost.com>

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