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Yantisa Akhadi yantisa.akhadi at hotosm.org
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Hi Gertrude,

I will try to answer some of the questions. For 1, I suggest to not put the
data in OSM, although we can put private data using custom tag and it won't
be rendered but people can still see it when they query the feature. I
suggest to put private data in another platform and then put authentication
(user+password) if they want to access it.

Couple of years ago HOT develop Separate Data Store
<https://github.com/hotosm/sds-server> for this purpose, so that we can
store private data of an OSM object by linking it to their ID, yet I think
this project is not actively maintained anymore. Alternatively we can use
WebGIS platform which use OSM as its basemap and then put the private data
as layer on top of it. We use this for several of our projects in
Indonesia, although in our case the data is not private but you can surely
put additional login mechanism if you only want specific people to access
it. One example is how we use GIS Cloud to visualize flood report
from GeoDataCollect (an ODK Collect variant) app.


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On 6 March 2017 at 22:22, Gertrude Hope <trudyhope7 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I hope you are well,
> We are collecting data where by some of it is ok be made pubic and some
> private. In this regard I have some questions that I really need help with:
> 1. How can we make private data collected not to be displayed on OSM? (We
> are collecting both private and public data for example private toilets and
> public toilets).
> 2. How  can OSM be used along side private data, offline and the
> technical requirements *(how is OSM cloning done?)*
> 2. Is it possible to add more survey questions  under OMK and ODK?
> 3. How do you create conditional statements to be used in OMK and ODK?
> *N.B: *
> *a. Before we created conditional questions using kobotool box and were
> loaded into OMK and ODK. Our biggest challenge was we didn't call an osm
> data type and the results couldn't show the osm or coordinates attributes.*
> *Thank you for your response.*
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