[HOT] Inflationary use of the mailinglist

joost schouppe joost.schouppe at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 22:51:03 UTC 2017

It took me a long time to accept mailing lists as the main communication
tool for OSM related stuff. But I did find a way to cope with being
subscribed to many (many!) osm mailing lists.

In any mail application it should be possible to devise automatic rules to
preclassify mails. I have a rule that puts them in a separate folder and
lets them skip the inbox. Hence, ni annoying notifications all day long. In
Gmail, they are also neatly organized into conversations, so you only need
to skim the subjects to see if it is worth reading for you.
Hot messages containing something like "urgent" or "activition" can be
treated differently of course.

I would argue against using the digest mode, because it often makes a mess
of longer discussions. It also makes it way harder to join a discussion
when that time comes. Your message is almost certainly going to live on an
island, isolated from the rest of the discussion.

Op 26 mrt. 2017 19:07 schreef "Julian Haag" <osm at juhaag.de>:

> Thanks for your reply, and thanks to Blake too!
> maybe I am just not able to use a mailinglist correctly. No doubt mapswipe
> is an interesting tool and is related to HOT. But in my opinion only urgend
> topics should go into a mailinglist.
> Don't get me wrong: During the Nepal quake there were 20-30 mails a day
> for more than a week. I'm absolutely fine with that. That was mostly
> important, interesting and urgend stuff.
> Ignoring is a good thing until your phone or mailapplication on the
> computer keeps telling you about new emails. Constantly.
> @Blake: Maybe I will join the announcement list and just subscribe to this
> list when getting involved in desastermapping..
> Thanks!
> Julian
> Am 26.03.2017 um 18:36 schrieb Jo:
> Your message really surprises me. MapSwipe is an app that was created by
> MSF, to help save HOT's mappers time, so they can focus on mapping. I think
> that's an interesting discussion thread. Not sure about the others, but the
> way to read mailing lists is to look at the topics that interest you and
> ignore the rest.
> Polyglot
> 2017-03-26 18:26 GMT+02:00 Julian Haag <osm at juhaag.de>:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I am interested in information regarding HOT activations, the talk about
>> real HOT problems and some news regarding HOT, so I joined this list about
>> a year ago during the earthquake in Nepal. Currently I found myself
>> deleting nearly 98% of the messages of this list even without reading it.
>> It's just crazy getting dozends of emails a day on topics having nearly
>> no intersection with HOT at all! e.g. "Bounding box not in iD Editor
>> anymore" or currently "Mapswipe - whats happening with the data?". There
>> are boards, where, in my optinion, general discussions should take place
>> but not on a mailinglist. A mailinglist, thats the place where really
>> urgend stuff should be discussed.
>> Is there a HOT mailinglist that just focuses on important stuff?
>> with annoyed greetings
>> Julian
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