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I'm Tommy Charles a coordinator at Openstreetmap- Sierra Leone which is a
registered Non-Governmental Organization in Sierra Leone. We're are engaged
in humanitarian mapping with the application of Openstreetmap and other
open data collection and visualization techniques.

Currently, we are working to revive and expand our mapping community but we
lack all the prerequisites to do so. These prerequisites include, a
permanent venue to hold mapathons, computers, mobile phones and Internet

Our main goal is to have a community with a strong foundation and
structures  to execute mapping, community awareness and exposure projects
similar to Map Kibera, Open Cities and vulnerability assessments. This will
be very essential in a country that experiences disease outbreaks,
Landslides and flooding every year

Against this backdrop we are seeking funds to procure computers, mobile
phones and portable internet sources for mapping, data collection,
workshops and other beneficial activities .

With these we'll be able  to have a memorandum of understanding with the
Geographic Information System- Laboratory at Fourah Bay College in order to
use the Laboratory as a permanent location to hold mapathons, workshops and
activities of our community.

We are kindly pleading for your donations in order to achieve this goal.
Please do so by checking out our donation page through the link below where
you'll find our donation link.


Our community will appreciate your kind efforts whether big or small to
keep it alive and sustainable to continue its humanitarian course.

Tommy Charles
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