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> CanVec importing:
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> OK, I have taken the plunge and imported CanVec tiles 031C01 and 031C08,
> which comprise the east side of Kingston, Ontario and some of the
> neighbouring area. I still have to do 031C02 and 031C07, which comprise the
> west side of Kingston. I used the data files that you uploaded a few days
> ago. Not surprisingly, there is a LOT that needs to be cleaned up after
> finishing the import.
> Is there any way of speeding up this process? Using JOSM, it takes
> absolutely forever, and you have to manually import each layer individually
> - there are about 100 of them.
> I noticed that you put the "named feature" in the extra folder, which
> suggests that it shouldn't be imported. Why is this? This contains names of
> islands, bays, points and various other natural features which seem to be
> useful, so I have imported them.
> -Andrewpmk

Hi Andrew,
I'm cc'ing the talk-ca list, so everyone knows whats up :)

I updated the chart for you with the status of 'planning' for those other
tiles that you mentioned :)

re: speeding up the process..
If you see that the .osm files will cause 'no interference' you can simply
(or if there is some) you can simply open up that .osm file and remove those
features that you dont want to upload (by hand).  then saveAS that .osm
file, and use another tool, which is designed for this process (i haven't
used it, but i hear form afar) that bulk_upload.pl works, were you set the
target file as your SavedAS file, then the destination is the API directly.
Would it be handy if i create a separate .osm file which is larger than the
2000  max? (change the max to unlimited) and make that file also available?
If the area is rather 'empty' then i don't see a problem with that, ... but
i would check with the osm admins.. 'cause it would slow down the server :-)
(as then you can upload a series of .osm files) and so, asking the API to
only accept the files at off-peak hours?  (i cc'd the imports@ list)

Perhaps i would recommend just focusing on 1 small area for the time being?
and check for errors.  As i think your gonna be the one who will upload most
of that tile :-)
... although the process of changing tags after it's been copied in isn't
that hard, it better to wait a little. Right now, there are 2 others
(Michael Barbanov & Adam Dunn) who are also looking at the files  ...
seeking out errors.

What would you rate the error level at now?

re: the named features file
Because certain features, like 'river names' are listed, as well as the area
names have the 'state' tag, when they shouldn't (see
http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=48.82&lon=-122.78&zoom=7&layers=B000FTF )
... it lists Bear Lake as a 'State'.   (i haven't removed that, because its
the example) :-)
it's an error with the script... it's possible to fix, but since so many
features are there it would require a separate rules.txt for each.   (also,
park names maybe available in the Ontario data set) and lake names are
already available in the GeoBaseNHN data set.. as well as some unknown
I'll put it on the things to do list, if you think it's urgent (I'll get it
done faster) otherwise, it'll wait until i got more geobaseNHN tiles
available. :)

re: latest & greatest
Right now, I'm working on creating the GeoBaseNHN tiles, starting with to
08H (which is the Vancouver Island area) and making them available. (it will
be available today or tomorrow)
Since you showed interest, I'll convert the 3 around, maybe not the big lake
Ontario one, next.

Great work!

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