[Imports] MapQuest translation of Beijing - requesting feedback

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Wed Oct 27 00:52:35 UTC 2010

> So, go ahead, make your list of changes locally, then, provide .osm
> files, split into small regions and ask the community for help to
> merge.
> .... Time consuming, yes, quality? .... OSM prefers to build a
> community map, over a quality map. A quality gets better, only over
> time and more mappers.

   Perhaps I missed something, but I thought the proposal was sound and fits 
within the framework and spirit of OSM.   I don't understand the need for 
community to merge - there is no geo-merge involved, it's just a newer 
version of the same object.   That lends itself well to a computerized task.

   There's always the question of the impact of a large temporary labor pool 
on community, but this is no different than any other import.    I see this 
as a 'high quality import' because it accomplishes exactly what is 
intended - no dirty post import review or clean up.

   Re: complaints of not using the OSM tools - again I have no problem with 
this.  Essentially, their workflow represents a customized OSM tool, 
optimized to present the translator with just the information they need to 
do their job efficiently.

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