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On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 1:03 PM, Metcalf, Calvin (DOT) <
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> **
> I'm getting ready to upload the bus data.
> It seems some people already started putting in some bus data (there are
> 109 that look to overlap my data), is there a way to update/delete
> these/make them invisible? While some of them look to just be out dated
> dumps from massgis others look to have work put in.   (for reference there
> are 8057 stops that I'm about to upload)

By upload do you mean to the OSM database or to a file host for other OSM
contributors to download and merge? Hopefully it's the latter, so that the
OSM community can look at the data, the tags, etc and can help with the
process. We certainly don't want to just delete the existing 109 stops, but
rather update them with the new tags/position (if appropriate). While
somewhat tedious, merging 109 stops (with JOSM's merge command) won't take
too terribly long, and is a crucial step to take. If you don't wish to do
this step, then consider uploading the data for others to use.

I started a conflation plugin for JOSM [0] intended exactly for this
purpose, for my county's bus data (~4000). The algorithm works quite well,
but I got stalled when designing the user interface for reconciling
differences. I'd like to finish it but like Ian said, I've been too busy in
real life to continue at the moment.


[0]: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Conflation/Nodes
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