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Elliott Plack elliott.plack at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 17:08:42 UTC 2013

Hello group. I submitted this idea to the group 7-15-12 but never got any
response. Here it is again (copied from what I just posted in talk-us):

I've been putting this one off for a while, because of the magnitude of the
dataset. I am importing Baltimore city building footprint data one
neighborhood at a time. Running an intersect of this layer against the
neighborhood layer breaks it down into bite size chunks that are easier to
work with. I've gotten the necessary permission from the city, and talked
about it with local users at the editathon, as well as over email or in

Here is the data:

Here is the workflow:

Open data in GIS program
Open neighborhood boundaries (same website) in same GIS program
Intersect, select single neighborhood worth of buildings
Save as individual shapefile
Launch JOSM
Bring in shapefile
Download data (as new layer)
Compare every existing feature to new ones (can take a while)
Look for traced buildings that use non-ortho imagery (shifted)
Copy any tags from existing building features to building in new dataset
(preserving others work)
Remove machine tags from new data
Tag as building=yes
Copy all multipolygons to .osm data layer
Copy all polygons to .osm data layer
Verify tagging
Check for errors
Fix duplicated node errors with JOSM
Fix building inside building errors by removing extra nodes
Final check by turning new data on/off and looking for overlaps
Upload with special EP_Import account


Elliott Plack
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